Freestanding Covered Pavilion in Katy

With an extensive custom outdoor kitchen, fireplace, and plenty of room to lounge and watch television, this freestanding covered pavilion is the ideal entertainment area. Separated from the main house, this standalone structure is a relaxing refuge for the homeowners and guests to enjoy the outdoors.

Freestanding Covered Patio

This independent structure was built in the corner of the backyard detached fifteen feet away from the home. The floor is stamped concrete and the culumns and benches feature a mix of brick and stone. 

Custom Outdoor Kitchen

This outdoor kitchen is built along the back wall of the structure and wraps around to provide plenty of space for preparing and eating food. The features of the kitchen include a grill, solo burner, mini-fridge, ice maker, built-in cooler, trash compartment, sink, and plenty of drawers for storage.

Gas Fireplace

The gas fireplace is the centerpiece of this freestanding covered patio. Being built directly connected to the gas line makes it super easy to use. Gas fireplaces require less maintenance than wood burning fireplaces, and are much easier to get started, since all you have to do is flip a switch.