Freestanding Covers

Keep cool with our custom, standalone shading options. 

Tradition Outdoor Living creates one-of-a-kind freestanding patio covers, pool cabanas, and gazebos. We manage your project with you from beginning to end to ensure that your new structure suits your needs.

Using our CAD architectural software, our project developer will visualize your idea into reality. Our experienced team can turn your outdoor space into an elegant gathering spot.

With a variety of custom features to choose from, like adding on an outdoor bathroom or changing room or even a fire pit, you’ll have the perfect reason to enjoy your outdoor living space.

Featured Freestanding Cover Projects

Humble Standalone Patio Cover

Humble Standalone Patio Cover

The best option for these homeowners was a standalone patio cover. So Tradition Outdoor Living laid down a slab of concrete and constructed this cozy free standing structure. 

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Custom Garage in Weston Lakes

Custom Garage in Weston Lakes

When they need some extra storage space, this couple wanted a standalone garage/workshop. Our project developer designed and built the garage to match the style of the existing house perfectly. 

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Choose A Reliable Freestanding Cover Builder

Our freestanding patio covers keep you cool during the hottest summers and provide relief from the sun and rain. They are great for shading the lounge areas near your pool, the barbecue grill, and seating areas. Since freestanding covers do not need to be connected to a building, you have more outdoor area to use.

Our freestanding covers are:


  • Installed by responsible and licensed professionals
  • Made from only the highest quality and most durable materials
  • Custom designed and custom built to fit your style and match your home

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for completing a freestanding cover?

After you contact us by phone or email, we conduct an in-home design consultation. We then use our design software to visualize your patio. Afterward, we meet with you to discuss our proposal, and once everyone agrees, we handle city permits or HOA approval forms. Once approved, we can begin construction and keep you informed throughout the process until project completion.

What factors should I consider when picking an installer?

Consider hiring a local company, exploring past projects, checking out reviews, and confirming that your installer is properly insured.

Can I increase the value of my home by installing a freestanding cover?

Yes, our structures can increase the marketability of your home.

Is maintenance needed for my freestanding cover?

Our freestanding covers require minimal upkeep.  

Do I need a building permit for my freestanding cover?

This depends on local zoning rules. If it is needed, we will collect information and file the permit for you.