Katy Bathroom Addition

This building addition was built to provide a bathroom and outdoor shower with quick access from the pool area. Whether you are dry or dripping wet, this bathroom was built to allow the family to enjoy the outdoors without having to get the house dirty when nature calls.

Katy Henderson

Bathroom Addition

The structure was built against the side of the house and made to look as if it were part of the original building. 

A concrete pathway was poured that leads from the pool area to the bathroom area. The outdoor shower is located on the side wall of the new structure. It is perfect for getting that chlorine off the skin. 

A bathroom with a toilet and sink were installed. The design was kept simple to allow wet pool-goers to access it easily. This also requires little maintenance.  

A separate room was also installed for storage of pool toys and equipment. 

The bathroom lies secluded on the side of the house to ensure the users’ privacy.