an outdoor living space that's a pergola and patio hybrid

Woodlands Outdoor Living Space

In this Woodlands Living Space, we built multiple pergolas, custom features, and functional designs for all outdoor living needs.

Woodlands Living Space with multiple pergolas and ample space


Welcome to a little piece of outdoor heaven: a pleasant living room surrounded by a standalone patio cover and pergolas. Imagine entering a sanctuary with warm lighting, wooden accents, and ample room for any activity that keeps everything balanced and comfortable.

a privacy wall, a stone bench to create privacy and a beautiful retreat.

A stucco privacy wall surrounds the outdoor living area, providing isolation and closeness with its textured surface. Nestled against the wall, a solid stone bench offers a rustic yet comfortable seating choice that blends in with the natural surroundings. The wall and bench work together to create a beautiful retreat where one can relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of the outdoors.

stone walls, granite counters, RCS fridge, Blaze grill, Kamado Joe

Outdoor Flooring

Outdoor concrete tiles are neatly positioned beneath the pool table, mixed with patches of lush green grass to provide a natural contrast to the solid surface. The warm glow from the pergola above creates a welcome mood, illuminating the patterned tiles and luscious grass underneath. This elegant combination of materials and light transforms the outdoor space into a welcoming sanctuary, perfect for relaxing evenings and parties.


Pergola ceiling covered with soft lights and made of pine

Pergola Ceiling

The pergola’s ceiling is covered with a canopy of soft lights, which give a lovely glow around the space. As evening comes, the lights create a warm atmosphere by bathing the area in a mellow, inviting brilliance. The pergola transforms into a peaceful hideaway beneath this heavenly ceiling, ideal for intimate parties or quiet contemplation under the starry sky.


brick pillars, wooden crossbeams, industrial lighting, multiple tv's

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