an outdoor living space that's a pergola and patio hybrid

Woodlands Freestanding Patio Cover

A Woodlands freestanding patio cover built separate from the home. Built with modern structural integrity with a classic colonial style to match.

Woodlands Living Space with multiple pergolas and ample space

Patio Cover

The freestanding patio cover, embellished with colonial architecture, is a grand centerpiece in the outdoor living area, emanating timeless charm and elegance. Under its beautiful arches, a luxury outdoor kitchen awaits, complete with cutting-edge appliances and abundant work space for culinary delights. Surrounded by natural beauty and covered by the cover’s protective embrace, this beautiful blend of classic style and modern practicality transforms the patio into a mesmerizing refuge, inviting meetings and culinary excursions beneath the open sky.


a privacy wall, a stone bench to create privacy and a beautiful retreat.

Outdoor Kitchen

Nestled inside the embrace of stone walls, the outdoor kitchen features gorgeous granite counters that bring a sense of refinement to its rustic beauty. A shining sink adds convenience, and a well-stocked fridge keeps refreshments cool on sweltering summer days.

stone walls, granite counters, RCS fridge, Blaze grill, Kamado Joe

Ample storage space keeps utensils, pots, and pans in their proper position, adding to the kitchen’s functional allure. This kitchen retreat combines elegance and utility, inviting culinary adventures amid the natural beauty of the outdoors.


tongue and groove pine wood ceiling lit with in ceiling lighting and a rustic ceiling fan

Patio Cover Ceiling

The tongue and groove pine wood ceiling imbues the space with a warm, rustic ambiance, adding depth and texture to the room. Accentuating its charm, white colonial wooden cross beams traverse the ceiling, creating a striking contrast against the natural wood backdrop. Together, these architectural elements evoke a sense of timeless elegance, infusing the room with character and inviting comfort beneath its cozy embrace. Ceiling Fans

A privacy wall made with stone and mounted with a television

Privacy Wall

A strong privacy wall made of stone serves as a formidable barrier, bringing seclusion and peace to the outside area. A sleek TV mounted on the wall provides entertainment and relaxation in the natural surroundings. This blend of raw aesthetics and modern convenience offers an outdoor oasis where moments of leisure and connection flow seamlessly against the backdrop of nature’s beauty.