In short, the answer is Yes! When the time comes to make some upgrades and improvements to your home, you’ll want to choose outdoor features that add value and appeal to your property. Before you can determine the best way to add value to your property, it’s important to take a look at both the neighborhood in which you live and your home’s current outdoor area. Many of us tend to focus mainly on the interior aspects of our homes, but the exterior is the first thing your guests or potential buyers see. Here are some of the best outdoor features that will increase your home’s value and best utilize your outdoor space. One thing to remember is that when we take time to do these upgrades, not only does it make our homes more appealing, but it also removes the need for future homeowners to undergo a construction process.


Outdoor Patio Covers

Outdoor patios are great additions that offer a high return on investment. You can bring the indoor living space to the outdoors, providing your family with more room and added square footage to your home. These can be extremely popular among homebuyers. Outdoor patio covers make it possible for friends and family to spend time outside all year, making entertaining easier and more enjoyable. There are options when it comes to adding an outdoor patio to your exterior. Freestanding Patios make great additions when space allows and can be beneficial when wanting to utilize free space.

Outdoor Kitchens

Another great addition to any outdoor space is an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens often include must haves like a grill, side burners, a smoker, sink, refrigerator, and counter space for food prep. The possibilities are endless. Choosing the right appliances that best suit your needs will determine the size and style outdoor kitchen best suits you. But you don’t have to stop there, for those that love to host and entertain, an outdoor bar is also a great feature.

Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Outdoor fire features are the perfect gathering places and can allow us to enjoy our outdoor living spaces during those colder months. Both fireplaces and firepits are very popular outdoor features a great choice for homes with smaller yards. Taking minimal space while still providing a means for entertainment.


Pergolas are a great way to provide shade, highlight, or define a specific part of your yard. They’re often a standalone feature but can also be attached to your home to serve as an alternative to a patio cover. When it comes to over appearance and design, the support structure on top is often open to let in more light while also providing partial shade. Many homeowners often place an outdoor eating or seating area under their pergolas to create a great entertaining space.