An outdoor kitchen should serve as a functional and stylish culinary space that friends and family can enjoy day or night. Whether you’re a barbecue master or the just looking to expand your outdoor entertaining area, knowing what appliances that you’re looking to add will help you amplify your backyard eating and entertainment zone. If you aren’t quite sure where to begin, consider whether you need new equipment for daily meal prep or occasional gatherings. Are there any areas of your indoor kitchen you’ve been wanting to expand or upgrade? We will go over some of our most popular requested outdoor appliances below.



Barbecue grills will vary in terms of fuel type, accessories, cooking features, and installation types. Whether you’re a fan of gas or charcoal, the grill will handle most of your cooking needs.

If you’re an experienced grill master, you may prefer a product with digital temperature controls, individual side burners, temperature probes, and all the bells and whistles. All these convenient features make the cooking process that much easier for beginner cooks as well.

The grill pictured above is the 30″ Cutlass Pro Built-In Grill – RON30A

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If you’re someone that enjoys the art of smoking meats, considering a wood pellet grill or a smoker for slow cooking might be for you. Smokers can be standalone appliances, or they can be built into the outdoor kitchen with traditional grilling capabilities. A built-in model will allow for more working space to prepare all those meats you want to smoke, while a freestanding smoker fits easily in your backyard and can be wheeled around to make space for other appliances.


A cooktop side burner is an added convenience that allows you boil water or sauté vegetables while you grill. It is very similar to your typical gas range inside the house. No more burning the food on the indoor stove while you’re outside checking the grill.

The burner featured above is the Cutlass Pro Double Side Burner – RDB1EL. 


Instead of the traditional way of keeping a cooler filled with ice, you can quickly grab a cold drink thanks to an outdoor refrigerator. While an outdoor fridge was once an added convenience, it has turned into a must-have in any outdoor kitchen arrangement. Beverages aren’t the only thing you can keep cold, an outdoor fridge will come in handy if you need to chill leftovers, store meats or condiments, and keep ready-to-cook items at a safe temperature.

Pictured above side by side are two RCS Refrigerator – REFR2A.


Ice Makers

A must have for those hot Texas summer days by the pool is an ice maker. It’s a game changer having one outside in your outdoor kitchen. Keeping your drinks chilled without having to towel off and go inside is very convenient. It is also ideal for the casual mixologist who frequently makes cocktails for guests. 

Pictured above is the RCS Ice Maker – REFR3.


For homeowners who like to frequently entertain large groups, Kegerators are a great option. They are similar in size to a outdoor kitchen refrigerator, and are easily installed. A small hole is drilled through the countertop and next thing you know, cold beer is flowing with the simple pull of a handle. Typical Kegerators can hold 2 different types of beer and will last a few months. No more constant trips to the store for your adult beverages. Simply set it and forget it. 

Pictured above is a very popular model kegerator that many of our customers praise highly. It is the Kegerator – REFR6 by Renaissance Cooking Systems.


A sink can add a lot of convenience to your outdoor kitchen space by allowing you to wash your hands after touching raw meat or even giving you a place to wash the dishes before putting them away.

This eliminates the chore of having to cart everything back to the house. All those dirty dishes can be washed and stored right in the outdoor kitchen. It might seem like a small detail but it makes your outdoor kitchen much more comfortable and complete.

Pictured above is the RCS Stainless Undermount Sink – RSNK2.