We are officially in the colder months and that doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy the outdoors. There are a few options available that can assist with this, and we are here to help. Not only are some of these options aesthetically appealing, but they can give you the ability to enjoy your outdoor space during these cold months. Considering the differences and what you’re looking for can help you get started on making a decision on what will be the best option for you.

Fire Pits

Fire pits are generally made with a stone base and an opening to the center where the fire is created. They can provide the ability of all around enjoyment and give you the same benefit of a campfire style environment. Fire pits are great for large groups and social events mostly because they can provide an open view and can be great for conversation.


    Fireplaces can create a more romantic or intimate visual setting. Unlike fire pits, they provide only a front view visual as well as only provide heat for a few people at a time. Fireplaces can be built in an outdoor living space and can be a nice focal point of an area. Many people like to use fireplaces as a means for privacy or for a place to hang a TV for entertainment.

      Patio Heaters

      When you’re looking for serious outdoor heating, patio heaters deliver some of the best heat output levels. Perhaps the most versatile outdoor heating solution, patio heaters are great for heating both lounge and dining areas. These outdoor heaters can accommodate almost any outdoor entertaining situation and are commonly used on patios and lawns at restaurants and receptions. Patio heaters can be portable or installed in the ceilings. Portable patio heaters take up floor space and are compact enough to use in small spaces but powerful enough to heat large areas as well. Installing multiple ceiling patio heaters is ideal, as you can see in the picture above. They are very low profile and allow you to direct heat where it is needed most. Patio heaters are typically powered by electricity or propane. 


          A chiminea is a freestanding, front-loading fire feature that consists of a rounded body that can be supported by 3 legs and features a vertical chimney for venting smoke. Very similar to a fireplace, chimineas are more affordable and smaller than traditional outdoor fireplaces making them ideal for smaller patio spaces. Traditionally, chimineas were made from clay and terracotta, but nowadays, you can find them in many materials like copper, cast iron, and more. Most chiminea models are wood-burning and can be controlled like any other wood-burning outdoor fireplace or fire pit.