A Carport is an open-sided, roof structure that can be used for many different purposes, however the most common use is for personal vehicle storage. Carports can be attached to the side of the home or they may be freestanding on a plot of land. Most homeowners install their carport in the front of their house leading in from the main driveway, while some may position it on the side of the home for more discretion and privacy. We can help build both freestanding carports and structures that connect to your home. Our structures are multi-purpose, attractive, and built to last. Not to mention all the amazing benefits that they can provide:


This one is a no-brainer, when you’re parking your car under a tree or just plain out in the open, rain, snow, ice, and the normal heat and light of the sun can cause extensive damage to your car over time. The best thing to do is to park it under a carport or garage. This will largely reduce the amount of weathering your car experiences, at least while it’s parked at home.

Personal Safety

Parking your car at night can be somewhat unnerving, we’ve all felt the fear of the dark in those brief moments stepping out of the car. With added protection, if you keep the area lit it is a deterrent to criminal activity against you and your car because of visibility.


If it’s not apparent, the best things carports can be used for is storage. Because of its ability to provide protection from weather elements, it can make a great addition for storage of grills and outdoor furniture.


    On hot summer days, temporarily park your car outside and your carport can double up as nice, shady patio area. Perfect for hosting events where lots of tables and seating are needed. It can also serve as a cool shaded place for your children to play outdoors, or to just an extra place relax.