Standalone Fireplace and Outdoor Kitchen in Fulshear

With an existing patio in place, Tradition Outdoor Living constructed an outdoor kitchen and massive fireplace to take this backyard to the next level.

Custom Fireplace

Built to the customers’ specifications, this large fireplace sports a limestone finish with brick accents. 

This wood burning fireplace features a wooden mantel, plenty of space for wood storage, and a wraparound bench for seating or seasonal decorations. 

The custom pergola structures added to the top of the fireplace make this design very unique and brings that rustic feel to the backyard. 

This custom outdoor kitchen was conveniently placed between two pre-existing pillars. It includes plenty of space for preparing food and even a bar area so guests can grab a stool and chow down. 

Boasting a completely stainless-steel cast, the outdoor kitchen features a grill, side burner, storage drawers, refrigerator, and trash drawer. Also included are electrical outlets for charging phones or powering kitchen appliances.