an outdoor living space that's a pergola and patio hybrid

Spring Standalone Patio

In Spring, Texas, we built a standalone patio cover to replace what was just a small fire pit. Now there’s space for dining, cooking, storage, and more.

Woodlands Living Space with multiple pergolas and ample space

Patio Cover

This addition to your backyard embodies both usefulness and aesthetic appeal, not only providing shelter from the elements but also transforming your outdoor space into a haven of leisure and enjoyment. With its versatile design and numerous benefits, the independent patio cover becomes an invaluable asset, flawlessly combining usefulness and style to improve your outdoor living experience.

a privacy wall, a stone bench to create privacy and a beautiful retreat.

Under the inviting umbrella of the single patio cover, you’ll find a luxury outdoor cooking and dining space. This outdoor culinary space, complete with a cutting-edge BLAZE Grill, accessible sink, chilled fridge, and abundant storage space, appeals to both the novice cook and the seasoned chef. Whether hosting a summer BBQ with guests or having a peaceful family supper under the stars, the kitchen and dining area beneath the cover provide a seamless blend of inside comfort and outdoor freedom, resulting in unparalleled gastronomic enjoyment and friendship.

Pergola ceiling covered with soft lights and made of pine


The solitary patio cover’s construction emanates timeless appeal and enduring quality, having been meticulously crafted. The exquisite white wooden pillars rise from their solid stone bases, framing the room with grace and class. A clever addition of storage blends smoothly into the design, providing practical alternatives for keeping outdoor items within reach. Above, the “English Porter” tongue and groove timber ceiling adds a touch of rustic elegance, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that invites you to stay and enjoy the calm of outdoor life at its best.


brick pillars, wooden crossbeams, industrial lighting, multiple tv's

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