Poolhouse Home Addition in Richmond

This is one of Tradition Outdoor Living’s biggest projects to date. It took extensive manpower and a two stage building process. The first stage involved building the pool, followed up by stage two which included the poolhouse and covered patio. Also included is a large custom outdoor kitchen and outdoor fireplace.

Poolhouse Kitchen and Bathroom

This modern pool-house features a sleek kitchen and gorgeous bathroom. It also offers large room with plenty of space for furniture. Take note in the corner of the fun ladder and play area for the kids.

Covered Patio Area

This extensive covered patio area features a wood burning fireplace and even has heaters for the winter installed in the cielings along with fans for the summer.

Custom Outdoor Kitchen

The Tradition Outdoor Kitchen builders went all out on this project.  This custom outdoor kitchen is decked out with a large gas grill, solo burner, dishwasher, mini-fridge, ice machine, sink, trash bin, and plenty of drawers for storage. All of the appliances are top-of-the-line stainless steel. The entire kitchen of this is wrapped in breathtaking limestone and even features electrical outlets for additional appliances or phone chargers along the counter.

Custom Pool and Spa

This massive inground pool features plenty of swimming space and a HUGE hot tub that can fit 15+ people. A relaxing sunbathing shelf was built toward the front of the pool, perfect for lounging in ankle-deep cool water. Soothing waterfalls line the edge of the deep end, and elegant fire pits bring a warm glow to the area during the evenings.