Patio Cover with Outdoor Kitchen in Sugarland

Perfectly situated against the garage of this Sugarland home, this Patio Cover is a homely space to relax and enjoy outdoor meals and beverages with family and friends. 

Patio Cover

The classic gable patio cover was built as an extension out of the side of the detached garage.  

Stone columns support the structure while a dark grey stamped concrete overlay makes the floor really pop to the eye. 

A cozy dining area sits under the patio cover. Great for enjoying outdoor dinners and ball games. 

Custom Outdoor Kitchen

An L-shaped outdoor kitchen was built to prepare food and house beverages. The main features include a refrigerator, trash drawer, Komodo Joe ceramic oven, and storage drawers. 


The finish on the outdoor kitchen is limestone that matches the support columns. The granite countertop hangs over the edge to provide ample space for pulling up and enjoying drinks while watching T.V. 

The patio cover opens up nicely into the rest of the backyard. The patio extends into the uncovered portion of the backyard so guests can enjoy the sun as well. 

Tradition removed a basic breezeway cover and installed a larger covered portion to connect the house to the garage and patio cover.