Outdoor Living in Cypress

A soaring patio cover built over a sprawling outdoor kitchen is the highlight of this outdoor living space. Located in Cypress, this backyard renovation also includes a pergola and a large tiled floor.

Covered Patio

The new custom patio was extended out of the back of the house. The finished product looks as if it was built with the original house design.

The size of the custom patio is 17′ x 27′. 

With an 18 ft. high ceiling, the patio cover has plenty of room and the height brings a sense of grandeur to the space. 

Outdoor Kitchen

The star of the show is the custom outdoor kitchen. At over 15 ft. long, it has everything needed to prepare scrumptious outdoor meals. 

The custom outdoor kitchen sports a new venetian gold granite countertop. The finish of the kitchen is brick to match the original structure of the home. 

At the front of the outdoor kitchen is the gas grill and sink. Below these appliances are drawers for storing utensils and cleaning products. 

Next in line is the power burner by Twin Eagles. This jet engine will boil your crawfish in no time. To the right of the burner is a Blaze refrigerator. 

Finally, the most important appliance of the entire outdoor kitchen- the ice maker. 

The space also includes a television to allow guests to watch their favorite sports match. 


A custom cedar pergola sits overtop of the remaining section of the patio. 

The pergola sports a tinted Topgal top to protect users from the elements. 

The 18 ft. ceiling is finished with English Porter Tongue and Groove paneling. Recessed lighting was installed to illuminate the area at night. Fans were also put in place to cool it down on hot summer days.