Outdoor Living in Cross Creek, Katy

This Cross Creek Outdoor Living space has a popular setup with the combined pergola and covered patio addition. Our Pergola builders connected this pergola to the roof extention and built it out over the patio. Outdoor living spaces like this aggie-themed one are great places for homeowners to showcase their style.

Custom Covered Patio

Pergolas can be very versatile. They can standalone with four separate posts or be built connected to the home structure like this one. This combination style custom covered patio allows for both a shaded, weather protected area as well as an open sunny space under the pergola.

Custom Outdoor Kitchen

Tradition Outdoor Living Incorporated a simple yet sleek custom outdoor kitchen under an extended patio cover into this Weston Lakes outdoor living area. The kitchen includes a stainless steel gas stove, double gas burner combo, trash drawer, and extra drawers for storage.