Oak Forest Patio Cover Addition

A unique patio cover was constructed on the back of this house in the Oak Forest neighborhood of Houston, Texas. The main features include an outdoor kitchen and privacy wall. 

Patio Cover

Constructed as an extension of the existing roofline and attached to the back of the house, this Oak Forest Patio cover has a twofold roof design. One section is flat, while the other section is gabled. 

Plenty of dining and lounging space was incorporated into the covered patio design. 

White stone was used for the finish on the column bases and split face tile of a similar tone was used on the outdoor kitchen and privacy wall. Atelier 18×36 Porcelain Pavers were used for the flooring and painted white tongue and groove wood paneling on the ceiling round out the finishes of the patio cover addition.  


Custom Outdoor Kitchen

To enhance the functionality of the patio cover, a custom outdoor kitchen was added. The outdoor kitchen is finished with split-face tile and Dallas White granite.  A refrigerator and gas grill were installed for keeping drinks cold and grilling. 

An outdoor living room area centers around a privacy wall. The patio cover addition on the back of a house provides a versatile and enjoyable space for homeowners to relax, entertain guests, and enjoy outdoor activities while being protected from the elements.

Privacy Wall

To provide a little more seclusion for the homeowners, a privacy wall was installed. The solid bottom section of the privacy wall has an inlaid television for the owners and guests to watch their favorite games and programs. The top half is wooden slats. This design provides privacy while also allowing light and air to flow into the space.