Memorial Outdoor Living Space

Nestled in the cozy neighborhood of Nottingham Forest in West Memorial, Tradition Outdoor living built a beautiful project that features a patio cover and outdoor kitchen.

Patio Cover

The heart of this outdoor living space is a spacious 24×20 foot patio cover that provides shade and shelter from the elements. The custom patio cover was built as an extension out of the side of the garage into the backyard. The iconic gable roof style adds height and grandeur to the space. 

A spacious seating area was incorporated next to the outdoor kitchen. The barstools and outdoor furniture face the television, so your favorite sports team can be the center of attention. 

Outdoor Kitchen

The L-shaped outdoor kitchen is designed for both functionality and style. Here, you’ll find high-quality appliances, countertops, and storage solutions. The outdoor kitchen measures 14 x 8 feet. Black granite countertops on the kitchen contrast the white finish of the majority of the other features in the outdoor living space. Whitewashed brick blends the outdoor kitchen into the wall seamlessly. 

On the long end of the L-shaped outdoor kitchen you can find a large Komodo Joe sunken down to proper cooking height. To the right of that is a 30″ Cutlass Pro Built-In Grill – RON30A. Storage drawers and a trash can are located underneath the cooking appliances.  

On the short end of the outdoor kitchen is a sink with running water that makes food preparation and cleanup easy. The model of the sink is the RCS Stainless Undermount Sink – RSNK2. Additionally, a small outdoor refrigerator, RCS Refrigerator – REFR2A, keeps drinks and condiments within easy reach. The large granite countertops provide amble space for food preparation and serving. 

A special feature of the outdoor kitchen is a raised countertop. A bar-height counter with stools offers a comfortable place for guests to sit, chat, and enjoy drinks and appetizers while the chef cooks.

The lounge area is positioned adjacent to the outdoor kitchen, creating a seamless flow between the kitchen and relaxation space. Comfortable sofas, lounge chairs, and coffee tables are arranged to create a cozy seating area. Cushions and throw pillows add a pop of color and comfort.

The sprawling ceiling sports recessed lighting that casts a warm glow over the space. Scottish Ale tongue and groove paneling covers the underside of the patio cover. 

Custom Flooring

A special touch on this project is the travertine flooring combined with a white-washed brick perimeter. The perimeter adds a touch of class and blends the flooring together with the walls and columns.