McKinney Patio Cover

Functional and striking are two words to best describe this Patio Cover addition in McKinney, Texas. The primary features are a fireplace, combination bathroom/storage closet, and outdoor shower. 

Patio Cover

Built as an extension out from the back of the house, this patio cover serves to protect users from the elements in the summertime and provide a warm gathering space in the colder months.

The columns that support the patio cover structure were finished with Meridiana stone. The ceiling is complete with recessed lighting, fans, and a Canadian Ice lager tongue and groove ceiling. Finally, the flooring style is cool decking to match the flooring around the pool. It is ideal for a pool environment due to it’s non-slip properties. 

Outdoor Fireplace

The wall structure isn’t just for looks and privacy. It is a multi-purpose part of the outdoor living space. The side facing the backyard has a 42 inch gas fireplace insert. It is finished with the same Meridiana stone as the support columns.  

Around the back of the structure is an outdoor shower for rinsing off grime and chlorine from swimming activities. Inside the build is a custom bathroom on one side and a storage closet on the other. 

Outdoor Bathroom

A simple yet practical bathroom was constructed underneath the patio cover. The purpose of the outdoor bathroom is to prevent dirt and water from being tracked into the main house. It provides easy access for guests and swimmers. 

Opposite the bathroom is a storage shed. It works great for storing pool equipment, tools, toys, and furniture. 

Overall, a stone-finished patio cover with an outdoor fireplace can provide a cozy and inviting space for relaxing and hosting, while also adding value to your home. The built in bathroom, storage closet, and shower make the backyard space a versatile entertaining environment.