McKinney Freestanding Patio Cover

Located In McKinney, Texas, this standalone patio cover was built to compliment the pool and enhance the usage of the backyard. 

Patio Cover

This square shaped freestanding patio cover covers 144 sq ft. Unlike attached patio covers that are connected to the house or building, freestanding patio covers are independent structures that are not attached to any other structure. This means they can be placed anywhere on the property, making them a versatile addition to any outdoor living space.

The columns and privacy wall were both wrapped with seminole mosiac stone. The stone is very durable and will ensure that the structure endures the elements for many years.  

The ceiling is made with hardy board and painted brown to match the stonework of the columns and privacy wall.

One of the key benefits of a freestanding patio cover is that it provides shade and protection from the elements without blocking views of the surrounding landscape. It can also help to extend the usability of an outdoor living space, allowing homeowners to enjoy their outdoor areas even during inclement weather.

Here is a view of the backside of the freestanding patio cover. Freestanding patio covers are a versatile and practical addition to any outdoor living space, providing both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits.

Privacy Wall

The privacy wall that was built adds separation and quiet from the surrounding neighbors.