This month’s feature project is coming to us from North Katy. This beautifully constructed freestanding structure has a total of 440 square foot living space. It not only provides enough room for a comfortable seating area, but also a kitchen with all the bells and whistles and a beautiful privacy/ TV wall. For this project, the space in the yard was large enough to accommodate their new living space without inhibiting the natural light to flow into their home.

The outdoor kitchen had plenty of space to include Stainless drawers and doors, a Kamado Joe Ceramic cooker, and 32″ Blaze Grill and Blaze Fridge. The accents of colors catch your eye with Amarello Caravelas granite and Durant Rustic Veneer stone to set a nice relaxing and natural look.

The seating area provides enough room to accommodate plenty of guests. The privacy/TV wall is constructed with the same Durant Rustic Veneer stone to compliment the aesthetic and flow of the outdoor kitchen. The customer did not go with a traditional fireplace but had a natural gas fire pit installed at the base of the wall to provide the ambiance of a fire feature but still give warmth during the colder months. 

The overlay flooring boasts a flagstone pattern to add as an addition to the natural overall tone that the customer was seeking. One key feature of this project is that the structure, posts, beams, and facia were constructed with Douglas fir wood.

The freestanding patio cover structure is connected to the house with a covered breezeway.