Long Meadow Farms Patio Cover

In the Houston neighborhood of Sugarland, we built an inviting patio cover with an outdoor kitchen made for comfort and warmth. The entire space boasts a pristine brown paint finish and warm tones.

Patio Cover

Consider a patio with brown painted pillars and ceilings, complimented by brick walls, stone accents, and a sleek granite countertop. This lovely setting combines luxury and comfort, making it an ideal space for both seclusion and socializing.


Brown accents the patio’s pillars and ceiling, adding warmth and coziness to the space. This earthy tone acts as a neutral backdrop, enabling other design elements to shine.

The flooring is called “cool deck” in the color brown.


A option of seating have been strategically positioned on the terrace to increase its comfort level. The seats, which differ in style and design, provide an eclectic combination that promotes relaxation and conversation. The blue cushions add a splash of color to the room, instilling it with a new vitality.


Outdoor Kitchen

An appealing outdoor kitchen with brown wood pillars, Taloka stone walls, and a beautiful ‘desert canyon’ granite top. It’s compact and efficient, with a fully equipped fridge and plenty of storage for easy cooking. This room seamlessly combines practicality and beauty.



Patio Cover Ceiling

The flat hardy board ceiling combined with large wooden beams and 3 charcoal seven bladed fans makes for the ultimate patio with custom outdoor lighting.