Katy Pool and Basketball Court

These Katy homeowners had a big empty backyard and decided to turn it into a playtime paradise for their kids with a pool and basketball court. 

Pergola, Basketball Court

Katy, Tx Zimmerman


This large pool has plenty of space for friends and family to splash around. The pool boasts lovely water features to bring that tropical ambience to the outdoor space. 

A one and a half feet deep step around the perimeter and a tanning shelf allow pool-goers to stay cool while soaking up the sun. 

Kids will have a blast jumping raised back wall.  

The cozy hot tub fits 8 people comfortably and is great for winding down the day in.

Basketball Court

Why take your kids to basketball practice when you can have it at your house? This half court sized basketball court has regulation placed lines and the same bounce quality as a real court.

The flooring is made from sport court material that has great traction. An industrial strength goal is set into the cement so it can withstand years of weathering and play. 


A shady pergola covers the area between the pool and basketball court.