Katy Patio Cover with Double-Sided Fireplace

A quaint patio cover was installed in this backyard in Katy. It includes a double sided fire place and small outdoor kitchen. The structure is finished with a clean white look and beautiful brick flooring. 

Patio Cover

Tied into the house and built as an extention out into the backyard, this patio cover features a clean white finish. 

Features include a double-sided fireplace, custom outdoor kitchen, and a porch swing.

The flooring of the patio is made with brick. Brick flooring is low maintenance, sturdy, and long lasting. 

Double-Sided Fireplace

The double-sided gas fireplace is a unique feature that brings heat to both sides of the patio. 

The uncovered section of the patio allows the homeowners and guests to enjoy the weather and open sky, all while keeping in close proximity to the fireplace to stay warm. 

Custom Outdoor Kitchen

A simple outdoor kitchen with a refrigerator, sink, and storage compartment is a great spot to mix up some tasty drinks. 

As viewed from the back fence, the patio area opens up to a large yard with a pool that homeowners had installed previously. It serves as a large covered breezeway to the garage.