an outdoor living space that's a pergola and patio hybrid

Katy Extended Patio Space

In this Katy Living Space, we built an extended patio cover space that connects the garage to the home with a seamless design.

Woodlands Living Space with multiple pergolas and ample space

Patio Cover

In the heart of our outdoor refuge is a thoughtfully planned living space, where every aspect works together to create a haven of calm and beauty. It is a 21×12 hip roof patio cover. The extended patio canopy gracefully conceals the space, providing shade and shelter while preserving an open, breezy feel. Against this backdrop, sleek steel fans and soft ceiling lighting add a contemporary touch, infusing the area with warmth and refinement.

a privacy wall, a stone bench to create privacy and a beautiful retreat.

Lush foliage and ample seating invite guests to relax and reconnect with nature. Vibrant plants flourish in sunlight, filling the space with bursts of color and aroma. In this lush sanctuary, white pillars with robust stone bases stand tall and proud, providing as both structural supports and decorative decorations. Their clean lines and timeless elegance bring a sense of traditional appeal to the lively outdoor atmosphere.

Pergola ceiling covered with soft lights and made of pine


Above, the tongue and groove wood ceiling adds a rustic yet refined touch to the space. It is a vaulted ceiling with English Porter Tongue & Groove. Its warm tones and natural texture create a cozy ambiance, inviting guests to look up and admire the craftsmanship above. As daylight fades and twilight descends, the ceiling becomes a canvas for the interplay of light and shadow, casting enchanting patterns upon the patio below. Here, beneath this canopy, the outdoor living space truly comes alive, offering a retreat where memories are made and moments cherished.


brick pillars, wooden crossbeams, industrial lighting, multiple tv's

The project as a whole is one of the most balanced outdoor living spaces we have had the pleasure of building. The pool and plants throughout the project are a spectacular touch to the project that the homeowners added themselves. The untold fact about a pool in the center of your outdoor living space is that the light reflecting off the pool allows the space to glow throughout the day and brings detail to the ceiling that would otherwise be neglected. Overall, just gorgeous.

brick pillars, wooden crossbeams, industrial lighting, multiple tv's

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