Katy Covered Patio

The owners of this home in Katy wanted to build a covered patio area to compliment the pool they already had in place. 

Katy, Tx Saldivar

Patio Cover

Featuring a large well-lit patio cover with a gable style roof, this outdoor living space brings plenty of shade to the backyard. 

Constructed as a roof extension from the back of the house, the patio cover was built to look as if it was constructed with the original structure. Tradition Outdoor Living was easily able to work with the existing chimney and give the patio cover a natural look. 

The large covered patio provides plenty of shaded space without overcrowding the backyard. There is still a large grassy area for kids to run around and a pool to swim in. 

With two sets of french doors already in place, the patio area is basically an extention of the living room.  

The white paint finish to the woodwork blends well with the existing house. 

Grey stained tongue and groove wood paneling covers the ceiling. Large fans were installed to cool down the patio area.