Katy Covered Patio with

L-shaped Outdoor Kitchen

With very limited covered space and tons of open area to work with, these Katy homeowners were looking to upgrade their backyard to be a better place to entertain and hang out. 


The backyard originally had a small patio cover and not much else. A big upgrade was in place to make the space more practical to spend time in. 

Patio Cover

The rectangular shaped patio cover was built adjacent to the back of the house. The columns were finished with brick that matches the original house brick pattern. 

The ceiling of the custom patio cover is flat and includes a fan and recessed lighting.   

A privacy wall was built on the side facing the neighbors to enclose the outdoor living space. 

Outdoor Kitchen

The custom outdoor kitchen sports a limestone finish and black granite countertop. 


Stainless steel appliances in the outdoor kitchen include a refrigerator, sink, trash drawer, grill, and power burner.