Humble Standalone Patio Cover

While these homeowners initially wanted an attached patio cover, the structure and window placement of the back of the house made building one infeasible. The best option was a standalone patio cover. So Tradition Outdoor Living laid down a slab of concrete and constructed this cozy free standing structure. 

Patio Cover

The design of this freestanding patio cover is pretty straightforward- a perfectly square 12×12 slab with a 14×14 cover. 

The support columns are made with the typical wood finish with a white color. 

The outdoor living area provides a good amount of lounge space to relax and enjoy the outdoors and your favorite game on the T.V. 

A T.V. was installed in the corner. A single fan and recessed lighting was put in place in the tongue and groove ceiling. 

The woodwork of the patio cover ceiling was done by our expert craftsmen. The design is appealing to the eye as well as built to endure the outdoors for many years to come.