Gabel Covered Patio in Katy

Wanting to make better use of their backyard, these Katy homeowners consulted with Tradition Outdoor living on building a patio cover. A traditional gable style covered patio was built in their backyard overlooking the lake. 

Patio Cover

Built into the structure of the house is the patio cover. The gable style patio cover faces the waterfront in the backyard. 


Columns with a stone finish were built to support the structure. A concrete floor was poured as the base. 

The structure was built to look as if it was part of the original house design. 

The spacious covered patio boasts a dining area and lounge area for friends and family to enjoy the outdoor living space. 

This Katy family can now enjoy the waterfront view without baking under the summer sun. 

The patio cover ceiling is finished with tongue and groove wood paneling. Recessed lighting and fans were also installed.