Frisco Outdoor Living Space

Located in Frisco, this outdoor living space brings a rustic vibe to a previously boring backyard. The main features include an L-shaped outdoor kitchen and fireplace. 

Patio Cover

An attached patio cover with a fireplace and outdoor kitchen was added onto the back of this Frisco Home. Finished with natural stone, it is a luxurious and functional addition to an outdoor living space. This type of patio cover is directly connected to the exterior of a house, providing a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor areas.

The entire patio cover structure, including the fireplace, outdoor kitchen, and support columns, is finished with Natural White Mosaic stone. This is a durable and versatile stone that offers a timeless appeal. Its light color and natural texture create an inviting and sophisticated atmosphere.

Custom Outdoor Kitchen

The Frisco outdoor living space boasts both a lounge area to relax near the fireplace and a dining area to enjoy meals with friends and family close to the outdoor kitchen. Covering the floor of the space is cool decking and the ceiling is lined with English Porter Tongue and groove wood paneling.


The patio cover features a fireplace, which serves as a focal point and a source of warmth during colder evenings. A 42 inch gas insert was installed. Gas fireplaces are much easier to maintain than natural wood fireplaces. A unique stone mantle was crafted to protect the TV from the heat of the fireplace. 

Custom Outdoor Kitchen

On the right end of the patio cover is an outdoor kitchen, equipped with appliances and amenities for cooking and dining outdoors. Granite countertops and natural white mosaic stone add a touch of elegance and natural beauty to the space. A privacy wall was erected as a natural barrier to provide seclusion from the neighbor’s yard. 


The L-shaped outdoor kitchen’s focus point is a  30″ Cutlass Pro Built-In Grill – RON30A. Below and to the left of the grill are two storage compartments.  

The other side of the outdoor kitchen boasts an open countertop for preparing food to grill. It also has a refrigerator which is the RCS Refrigerator – REFR2A. Storage drawers were installed to the left of the refrigerator