Freestanding patio structures can be a great addition to any outdoor living space. Unlike the traditional patios we are used to seeing, these stand on their own and aren’t attached to a house or building. 

Depending on your requirements, you can choose the design you want without needing to take into account an already existing structure. Some of the benefits to think about when considering what a freestanding patio can offer you are flexibility in terms of placement, size, and style of the structure. This will help you determine where you would like to build the freestanding patio cover.

Some of the benefits of having a freestanding patio cover are:

  • Protection from bad weather – Just like the traditional patio structures, freestanding structures can provide the same protection to grills, outdoor furnishings, and outdoor kitchens.
  • Can provide shade – This one is a no brainer. When looking to add a structure in an area away from your home, it is important to consider where the sun will be positioned during the majority of time your patio will be in use. Sun rises and sun sets will play a part in whether your structure will provide the shade and protection from the sun that you’re looking to achieve.
  • Great for entertainment & family time – if you love to host gatherings, extending your living areas across other areas of yard space will allow for more seating and more areas to socialize. 
  • Perfect for adding a kitchen or fireplace if your current patio does not accommodate an area for these additions. 
  • Good for areas that won’t allow for attached patio areas –Roof lines, easements, and windows can sometimes hinder that dream patio from becoming attainable. Talking to a project developer can help you determine if creating a new patio space would be allowable and if there are any existing limitations.