an outdoor living space that's a pergola and patio hybrid

Outdoor Living Space in Dallas-Fort Worth

In Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, we built an outdoor living space with a patio cover, a custom kitchen, flooring, and more.

Dallas Fort Worth Outdoor Living Space with custom patio cover

Patio Cover

Our handcrafted patio covers will transform your backyard into a haven of leisure and pleasure. Our coverings are designed to enrich your outdoor living space by providing needed shade, allowing you to use your patio furniture comfortably even on the warmest days. Our covers fit seamlessly into your home’s décor, adding a touch of elegance and creating a unified style that connects your interior and outdoor rooms.

Dallas Fort Worth Outdoor Living Space with custom patio cover and ample space for parties and furniture.

Our patio coverings have elegant features that enhance the atmosphere of your backyard sanctuary. Cream-painted wooden pillars with stone bases not only give robust support, but also lend a sense of sophistication to your outdoor space. What distinguishes our coverings are the RGB lights discretely attached to the pillars, which provide fully configurable lighting options. Whether you’re hosting a energetic outdoor celebration or spending a quiet evening under the stars, these lights set the right mood for every occasion.

Dallas Fort Worth Outdoor Living Space with custom patio cover with light brown ceilings that compliment the house's light brown brick.

When a patio is finished being built, you have the luxury of the designing the furniture layout to make your patio what you want. With the construction design elements and custom features we bring to the table, it has made our customer’s backyard dream into a reality.


White Ceiling has two modern dark brown fans, recessed lighting, and two heaters attached for the cold.


The ceiling, painted in pristine cream light brown, emits airiness and brightness, making your outdoor retreat feel more spacious. Brown wooden fans add to the comfort and functionality by providing a gently breeze on hot summer days. Recessed lights in the ceiling give ambiance to nighttime gatherings, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere that entices you to stay late.

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