Cypress Patio Cover and Fireplace

This outdoor living room is a great place to spend time with friends and family. It has a sprawling patio cover centered around a gorgeous fireplace with a mounted T.V.

Patio Cover

The high ceilings bring a sense of grandeur to the outdoor living space and retain the heat from the fire well. 


Natural tongue and groove wood paneling cover the ceilings and the pillars are built with a limestone finish. 

Outdoor Living

There is plenty of space for dining or relaxing by the fire. 


With this project, Tradition Outdoor Living connected the detached garage to the home with a large covered patio area.

Check out the view from behind the fireplace of the structure and how it connects to the original home.

Gas Fireplace

The gas fireplace sports a limestone finish. Gas fireplaces are easier to use and maintain than wood burning fireplaces.  

A custom wood crafted cabinet houses a large flat screen television. The doors can slide open to watch t.v. or closed to protect it from the elements. 

The closed television cabinet sits neatly above the mantel of the fireplace.