Cypress Home Addition & Pergola Covered Patio

This project features two main elements: an inviting sunroom and relaxing pergola covered patio. Tradition Outdoor Living built this space to allow the homeowners and their guests to be able to enjoy their outdoor living space no matter what the weather. The sunroom opens up to the patio with plenty of lounge space to hang out. Tradition also built a smaller enclosed patio space between the garage and the house.

Pergola Covered Patio

A bright white finish brings a light and clean elegance to this Pergola. Tradition Outdoor Living’s Pergola builders construct the sturdiest Pergolas that are always up to code and built to last. Pergolas are perfect for protect from the harshest rays of the sun while still allowing plenty of natural light into the area.


Tradition Outdoor Living built this home addition as an extension of the house. It features cozy seating and a small electric fireplace. In addition, there is a television for enjoying sports and movies.  The back door opens up to the patio in the backyard.

Enclosed Covered Patio

This smaller secluded covered patio is perfect for enjoying the outdoors during a calm rainstorm or when you want to beat the heat. Originally, there was a large uncovered area between the house and Garage. Tradition Outdoor Living connected the two structures with a roof extension and enclosed one side from the elements, leaving the other side open to the backyard.