Cross Creek Outdoor Living in Katy

These Cross Creek homeowners wanted to build an all-in-one structure to better enjoy their backyard and entertain family and friends. A (mostly) standalone patio cover was the right fit for their backyard. It features a fireplace, outdoor kitchen, and bathroom. 

Patio Cover

The structure of the custom patio cover is a rectangular design with a hip roof. 

Tradition Outdoor Living installed the patio cover 6 feet from the back of the house with a narrow breezeway connecting the structures.  

Four columns wrapped in wood paneling and cut limestone act as the support for the structure. 

Outdoor Kitchen

The custom outdoor kitchen is decked out with everything needed to cook meals and prepare drinks for friends and family. Stainless steel appliances and granite countertops were installed to ensure longevity in the Texas elements. 


Starting from the left side is the sink. Next to that is a Renaissance gas grill. A trash ben drawer is to the right of the grill. 

On the left side of the fireplace sits the remaining section of the custom outdoor kitchen. It also has a trash compartment that slides in and out. 

A power burner, mini fridge, and ice maker were installed. To round out the end is the kegerator that has two different beers on draft. 


Outdoor Fireplace

The star of the show is the custom stone gas fireplace. Perfect to gather around and keep warm on those chilly nights. 


Bathroom Addition

Built into the side of the fireplace structure is a half bath. It is easily accessible to backyard guests. 


Who would have guessed this charming bathroom would be in the backyard?


Opposite the bathroom is a closet for storage of tools, toys, and pool equipment. 


Outdoor Shower

A shower was built into the back of the fireplace structure to wash off the pool water. 


The view from the back of the custom patio.