Cross Creek Outdoor Kitchen

Located in the Cross Creek neighborhood of Katy, this lovely home already had a gorgeous backyard. To complete their ideal outdoor living space, the homeowners contacted Tradition Outdoor Living to build a custom outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchen

Nestled into the corner of patio lies the custom outdoor kitchen. The main feature of the build is the grill surrounded by lots of counter space. 

The finish on the structure is split face tile. The countertop is granite. Granite is recommended for outdoor kitchens due to its durability and weather resistance. 

Tradition Outdoor Living can easily incorporate a new kitchen into an existing patio cover. 

Here is a view from the back of the outdoor kitchen. The kitchen neatly blends into the pre-existing support column. 

There is more to this kitchen than just a grill! From left to right you can find a mini-fridge, ice maker, wine cooler, and storage drawers. 

Retractable TV

A neat feature of the build is the retractable TV. It lowers at the push of a button, then retracts up against the ceiling to protect it from the weather when not in use. 

As you can see, the TV is retracted against the ceiling. Tradition Outdoor Living also renovated the ceiling. New fans and recessed lighting were added.