If you are someone who enjoys entertaining, then an outdoor kitchen is perfect for you. This outdoor feature gives you full access to all that you need to not only prepare a good meal, but also to easily serve it outdoors. Having a kitchen outdoors will expand your living space, create a place for guests to gather around, and give you additional cooking methods for when you have huge amounts of food to cook. Not only is a great way to create a perfect entertaining space in your home, but it also allows you to get some sunshine and elevate your grilling game. Check out these tips for making sure your new kitchen serves its purpose and gives you all the joy you need to cook in style.

Tip #1- Determine how much space you have

Evaluating how much space you have to work with will determine the size of your outdoor kitchen. Your layout should be decided based on your patio shape and size. In addition, you will need to consider where to place your kitchen and the features you want to include. Your design may change based on the appliances and amenities that you wish to include.

Tip #2- Materials to withstand the elements 

Here in Texas, we enjoy sunny skies and warm weather for most of the year. Obviously, an outdoor kitchen needs weather-resistant materials, but this is one area where you will want to take into account your local weather conditions. Therefore, pick materials that can withstand harsh weather like brick, concrete, stucco, stone and granite. This will ensure your kitchen survives the elements just fine.

Tip #3- Determine your budget

It’s important to figure out what features you want so that you can be sure to include them in your costs. If you want a grill with all the bells and whistles, plan your space around that. If you want to have enough seating for a huge group of friends and family, focus on that first. Knowing what your budget is will help you prioritize what your needs are going into your project. This will help you get your ideal outdoor kitchen within your price range. 

Tip #4- Additional Seating

The purpose of an outdoor kitchen isn’t just to prepare food, but to serve it and entertain family and friends. Adding a bar seating area can be a great way to include more seating but also elevate your new kitchen. Also, you could make space for an outdoor table to dine at if you plan on utilizing the outdoor kitchen a lot.